Well the last few months have been busy, somehow we got to October.

We’ve been busy and thought it was well past due to touch base. It’s been an eventful 2 months since we last caught up and in that time we’ve seen further development of our advertising space and it’s networks. Thanks to some new and returning clients.

I pulled together some visual highlights from this year for you here

Our recent 2CheapCars Campaign is worth highlighting. They built a creative awareness campaign via the larger mediums (TV etc.) and then used Adspace to impulse specific pricing promotions via our Petrol Station sites. Focusing on our highest traffic positions plus those sites in and around their dealerships. Knowing for a fact people are not just going to be seeing their artwork but also thinking about cars at the time.

Building on that story, later this month we’ve got some exciting insights with one of our agency partners around a nationwide campaign and the part our convenience network played. A network that is now well over 1,200 sites strong nationwide.

So contact us now and we’ll be in touch to discuss your Summer promotional activity with Adspace.

Until next time, you know where we are if you need us.