The simplest way to

Track Time

Introduction a simple web app to track work hours, the easiest way possible

Track time the easy way

The simplest and easiest way to track your employees time, no over complicated features just start and stop!


Just one simple click and the timer is activated


Just one simple click and the timer is stopped and the hours are logged

Use across multiple devices

Works on all browsers on mobile or desktop.

Based on the web, the application is available across any device that has access to the internet.

Features & Benefits

Easily Track hours
Hassle free and simple to use. Simple functionality means easy to use for all users.
Track On the Go
Track time anywhere, any place and on any device. Clock in wherever you are
Keep track of your team
Manage your team and keep track of the hours they have worked
Easy Reports
Get insights into your business and the hours your staff are working
Manual Entry
Even if your team forgot to track their live time, time can be easily added manually
Easily Track hours
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Get detailed timesheets for your whole team – Cut down on your team management time by getting detailed timesheets on your dashboard.

See who’s currently on the clock and how many hours they have clocked.

How to get started

Getting started is easy! These simple steps and your TimeTracker will be up and running in no time!

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Build and Launch

We will help you get started and setup your TimeTracker.


We will host the TimeTracker on our servers and will take daily backups incase anything goes wrong.

Your Time Tracking Web App is just a Few Clicks Away!