What is a PowerBI?

Microsoft Power BI is the most powerful, cost-effective BI tool on the market, integrated with the most advanced analytical and collaboration tools.

There are many reasons why companies are using PowerBI for their analytics and reporting, below are just a few:

Its Quick

In one sitting, you’ll bring your data to life and gain actionable insights.

It's Accessible

Connect to any data source and access your dashboards from any device.

It's Powerful

Power BI is the most capable BI platform on the market.

It's Affordable

For the price of email, Power BI is so affordable every employee can be in the game.

Why use PowerBI?

Power BI transforms your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you.

Empower Executives

Navigate your business 
from a single pane of glass.

Inspire Employees

Dashboards drive motivation, 
focus, and job satisfaction.

Ignite Your Business

A data-driven culture brings health, 
wealth, and happiness.


Automatic alerting on the trends you care about, pre-built dashboards and reports, greater visibility to drive rapid change.


End-to-end operational line of sight
providing insights that drive action,
free up time for strategic analysis.


Collaborate on the go with mobile apps,
dashboards and visualizations with 360° views, integration with your day-to-day tools.

Transform the chaos into clarity

Transform the data from your sources into a simple to read dashboard which highlights what is important to your business. Stop wasting hours exporting and running reports, have dashboards instantly at your findertips

How We get you there

In three steps we can get your Power BI Dashboard up and running.

  • Master Data Planning

We start with our Discovery and Design Process, prioritizing change management, business requirements, and use-cases.

  • Data Management

We give you control of your data and a single source of truth, focusing on performance, security, scalability, and ease-of-use.

  • Data Analytics & Dashboards

We build dashboards that “touch the nerve” resulting in decisions and actions that advance your goals and profitability.

Case Studies

Franks Sausages

Using API technology we created a direct integration with Xero (the clients accounting software) to automatically pull through the financial information to display in a simple to use dashboard.

What would have usually taken the client a series of multiple manual exports from Xero then a series of tricky excel pivot tables could now be achieved on the fly from a BI dashboard.

All key statistics and information available at one glance and updated automatically on a daily basis so all information is live and up to date, allowing the client to react to the data in real time.

Cranium Signage

WorkflowMax is a very powerful management tool. However, our client’s frustration was the lack of useful reporting from within the system. The data is there but to access it, manual exports and digging of data had to be performed to extract anything useful from the system. Getting this information was time consuming and tedious.

By creating an API connection to WorkFlowMax, YNOT Digital was able to put this information at the clients fingertips and create a live BI report that the customer could interact and make key decisions in real time.  All members of the team could now have instant access to this information. 



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