Ever wanted to see all your WFM jobs on once device?

Introducing an integrated plugin with WorkFlowMax that gives you a controlled overview of all your jobs.

Access all your jobs on a single page, across all devices

Like you, we love using WorkFlowMax to manage our workflows. For the most part it works great! What we find difficult however, is the reporting and clunky ways to update a job! Why can’t it be simple?

Well.. now it is! With the Job Manager tool, we have created a dashboard that you can access any where on any device to have all your jobs at your fingertips!

Features & Benefits

Filter by Job State, Job Manger and even custom fields

Filter the results by single or multiple job states.

Filter by date

Filter the results by date periods, such as “This month”, “Last Month”, “This Week”. Date ranges can be customized to suit your needs.

Always upto date

A backend process runs every 10 mins to sync data between WFM and your Job Manager. Manual refresh is also available for instant updates.

Search by Job number

Search for a specific job number.

Arrange data

Sort the data in the table alphabetical, numerical or date in ascending or descending order.


After you have filtered the table to generate the exact report you want, with a single click, print out the table results.

Action the data

Job Manager does not only allow you to filter and search your jobs, but also take action on those jobs! Job Manager allows you to easily update and edit the following directly from your dashboard:

  • The start and end dates
  • The job managers
  • The staff working on the job
  • The job state
  • Plus many more!

All edits made from the job manager are instantly updated in WorkFlowMax giving you a seamless integrated experience!

How to get started

Getting started is easy! These simple steps and your Job Manager dashboard will be up and running in no time!

Get in Touch

Drop us an email to let us know you are interested and we will contact you to have further discussions and send you the quotation

Email us

Grant us access

Grant us access to your WorkflowMax account, along with providing us with the API key (this can be requested from WFM)

Build and Launch

We will build and customize your job manager dashboard. The time taken to do this will depend on the amount of custom fields you have.


We will host the dashboard on our servers and will take daily backups incase anything goes wrong.

Your WFM Job Manager Dashboard is just a Few Clicks Away!