Your deals in your hands

Integrated WordPress plugin that connects to GoHolidays and pulls through all the latest flyers.

  • Easily select and feature the deals that YOU want to be displayed on your homepage and on your deals page
  • Giving you full control over which deals you want to show
  • Alternatively, have the GO deals displayed that update DAILY
  • Great looking deals with details being pulled directly from GoHolidays Gflyers. No manual entry required.
  • Unique URL for each deal that you can use to drive traffic to, meaning you can link to with social media and Google campaigns

Easy to load packages!

  • With the check of a box, load great looking packages directly from the GoHolidays Gflyers into your website.
  • Choose weather to show ALL the Gflyers from GOHolidays or select your own to truly personalize your site and target your audience
  • Great looking packages loaded straight to your site without ANY manual input!

Installation and setup

Accessing the plugin is easy. The plugin will be designed to integrate seamlessly into your WordPress website. Our tech team will set up and install the plugin for you so you don’t need to worry! After installation is complete, accessing the plugin is easy. Simply login to your site and select the plugin from the admin dashboard

How it Works


The process of selecting what deals and packages are displayed can be setup in a few simple clicks and can be changed at any time. You will have the options for the packages pages choosing weather you wish to display all Gflyers or select your own. Similar for deals, you can select if you wish to display the latest deals from Go (these are updated daily) or manually select your own.

If you select “choose for me” for both the packages and the deals, That’s it! You are all setup and your site will be loading in all those great deals and packages directly from Go!

If you chose to manually select your own, there is one more step to follow


By selecting the option to choose your own packages/deals to display all the available gflyers will be loaded into the window, you may then scroll through the list and check which ones you want to display on your site


My Travel Group for existing customers on the MTG platform


Per Month
  • One Time Setup fee: FREE
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Wordpress For customers with a wordpress website


Per Month
  • One Time Setup fee: $350
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Non WordPress For customers with websites not on wordpress


Per Month
  • One Time Setup fee: PoA
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*DISCLAIMER: An API key is required from GoHolidays for this plugin to function. This API key is provided by GoHolidays and is unique to your Go Account. Before you sign up for the plugin please get in touch with your GoHolidays Representative to see if you are eligible to for an API key.